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Kitchen and Food Preparation

B-Kleen (MPI Approved C32)

Our triple action cleaner-disinfectant-deodoriser for virtually any washable surface. Users range from food producers and healthcare facilities to commercial cleaning and kennels. Available in Original or Citrus fragrance.

Red-O (MPI Approved C37)

A versatile, heavy-duty degreaser-cleaner for removing grease & grime in food prep / service areas. Great around deep fat fryers, grills, butcher shops, the BBQ and other general cleaning needs.

Eucalyptus 3001

Like Red-O, but with Eucalyptus Oil for a powerful, lingering fragrance at the end of the cleaning process.

Dishwash Detergent

Lemon scented international brand cleaning power. Perfect for commercial or home use. Low on price-High on performance.

Lemon General (MPI Approved C32)
Dishwash Detergent

A concentrated, multi-use detergent suitable for hand washing and general cleaning of food preparation work areas!

C-Det (MPI Approved C31)
Commercial Detergent

Our proprietary formula breaks down grease & grime on any non-absorbent surface. Ideal for food and healthcare related facilities. Contains NO artificial colour or fragrance.

Auto Dishwash Powder

A highly effective, blended alkaline powder detergent for use in automatic dishwashers (commercial or domestic).

Impact (Brewery Approved)
Auto Dishwash Detergent

A world class alkaline detergent for use in commercial dish/glass machines. High strength = low cost per wash. 155gpl

Glass Plus
Auto Glasswash Detergent

A specifically designed detergent for glasswash machines in pubs, bars, clubs etc. Great results at a cost effective price.

Cutlery Pre-soak

A powerful detergent for pre-soaking cutlery. Designed to soften and remove stains, giving spot and streak-free cleaning results.

J-70 (MPI Approved C31)
Food Prep Sanitizer

An extremely effective sanitizing cleaner for facilities where bacteria destroying properties are crucial. No artificial fragrance.

Spray & Wipe
Disinfectant-Cleaner (Ready to use)

Ideal for offices, lunch rooms, households etc where there is a high level of human contact with walls, furniture, doors and windows, fittings and fixtures etc. Contains a pleasant  Citrus fragrance.

Espresso Magic
Coffee Machine Cleaner

Improves brewing time and provides better tasting coffee. Removes unseen lime, calcium and other hard water deposits.

Total (Brewery Approved)
Auto Dishwash Detergent

A world class alkaline detergent for use in commercial dish/glass machines. 120gpl

Rinse & Drying Aid

Designed to give spot-free tableware. This concentrated liquid formula has been developed specifically for use in commercial kitchens and healthcare facilities.

Beer Line Cleaner

A highly effective alkaline detergent for use in beer lines and internal delivery systems.

Glassware Pre-soak

Sparkle is a powerful detergent for pre-soaking glassware. Sparkle is designed to soften and remove stains, giving spot and streak-free washing results.

Grill and Oven Cleaner

Industrial strength grill, oven and hotplate cleaner. Ideal for use in restaurants, takeaway outlets, commercial bakeries etc.

Cream Scouring Cleanser

A concentrated scouring liquid ideal for stainless steel, porcelain ceramic tiles, bench tops, whiteware and most hard surfaces.


Blusuds (MPI Approved C33)
Laundry Powder

Concentrated for commercial or domestic use, hot or cold wash and front or top loading machines. Does not contain bulk fillers. Non-irritating on eczema. Eco-friendly and safe on all machine washables.

Laundry Liquid

A heavy duty, low foaming, concentrated eco-friendly laundry detergent with the fresh, lingering fragrance and natural cleaning powder of citrus.

Fabric Softener

Leave your clothes, linen, towels and woollens soft and fluffy with Citrusoft Fabric Softener. Suitable for both commercial and domestic washing machines.

Commercial Laundry Powder

A powerful alkaline laundry powder designed to clean grease and grime from workshop overalls and other heavily soiled garments and materials. Suitable for machines capable of maintaining a wash temperature of at least 60 Degrees Celcius.

Double Enzyme
Laundry Powder

Contains a protease enzyme to remove protein stains (blood, food etc.) and a cellulose enzyme for removing cellulose stains such as grass. Suitable for both commercial and domestic use.

Chlorinated Whitener-Sanitizer

An ideal chlorinated pre-wash/soaking agent or machine wash additive to remove stains and mildew in whites and colourfast pastels. Also excellent in facilities where sanitizing is critical.

Oxy Clean
Oxygenated Laundry Bleach

Oxy Clean is a concentrated laundry bleach powder. The commercial equivalent of Napi San, it is recommended for all fabrics including colours, wool, silk and synthetic.

Laundry Liquid

A heavy duty, low foaming, concentrated and bio-degradable laundry detergent with the fresh, lingering fragrance and natural cleaning power of citrus. Suitable for both commercial and domestic washing machines.

Protein Plus
Pre-wash Stain Remover

An industrial cleaning agent used to remove protein based stains from fabric and linen.

Commercial Laundry Bleach

Twice the strength of retail bleaches means twice the cleaning powder. 5% Sodium Hypochlorite.

Concentrated Bleach

Concentrated liquid bleach. Works equally well as a sanitizer and stain remover. Industrial strength - economy price. 13.5% Sodium Hypochlorite.

Supreme Spotting Agent

A solvent emulsifier suitable for cottons, polyester/cottons, synthetics, and 

woollens. Works effectively to remove

grease, fats, oils, and waxes from laundry garments.


SPC 600
Toilet Bowl Cleaner

A highly viscous and powerful liquid cleaner-sanitizer designed specifically for stainless steel and porcelain surfaces including toilets, sinks, urinals, benches and tiles.

Lu Blu
Toilet Disinfectant Cleaner

A powerful disinfectant/cleaner/

deodoriser. Ideal as a toilet bowl cleaner, as well as for general bathroom cleaning.

Shower Plus
Shower and Bath Cleaner

Concentrated heavy duty cleaner and sanitizer designed specifically for removing soap film, human oils and fats, and dirty and grime from shower and bath surfaces.

Handy Jan
Detergent Cleaner

A multi-purpose detergent cleaner with the added power of ammonia. Works particular well on ceramic and plastic baths, basins and showers.

Bokay Blocks
Urinal Deodoriser Blocks

Highly scented blocks designed to eliminate the odours associated with urinals.



Our low-cost, general purpose disinfectant with pine oil, leaving a pleasant and long lasting fragrance.


A commercial strength disinfectant with a pleasant pine fragrance. Use as a cleaner-sanitizer for toilets, floors and walls.

TKO or Nice & Spicy  
Commercial Grade - MPI Approved C33

Germs and bacteria don't stand a chance with this range of commercial grade disinfectants. Choose a fragrance - Spice or Tutti Fruity

Super Concentrate

Our most cost-effective, money saving disinfectant. One litre of Pineode makes 400 litres of effective, ready-to-use disinfectant.

Floor Care

Neutral Floor Cleaner

Cost effective formulation to help floors retain their natural or polished shine even when cleaned on a regular basis. 

Concrete Cleaner
Floor and Hard Surface Cleaner

Concentrated cleaner for removing grease and grime from workshop walls, concrete floors and driveways, cobble pavers etc. Dilutes up to 30 to 1.

Supa Strippa
Polish Stripper

A concentrated stripper that will remove virtually any floor polish or wax finish from vinyl or wooden floors. Dilutes between 5-10 to 1.

Floor Sealer/Polish

Excellent durability with an off the mop gloss that demonstrates high clarity. Easy to apply and has excellent adhesion and resistance to heel marks and scuffs. Ideal for spray buffing.

Liquid Soaps & Hand Cleaners

C51 (MPI Approved C51)
Anti-bacterial Soap

No artificial fragrance or colouring. Developed for food production facilities where strong anti-bacterial properties are a must.

Pearl (MPI Approved C52)
Anti-bacterial Soap

Our C51 anti-bacterial soap with a pleasant waterlilly fragrance.

Anti-bacterial Soap

Like Peal, but pink!

Natural B1
Economy Liquid Soap

A low-cost, anti-bacterial liquid soap ideal for public restrooms, schools, public buildings, shopping centres etc.

Shampoo & Body Wash

Head-to-Toe is a mild yet effective shampoo and body wash designed for regular use. The mild fragrance leaves you smelling and feeling refreshed.

Super Citrus (MPI Approved C52)
Grit Hand Cleaner

An industrial strength grit hand cleaner with a natural citrus base. Available in a range of colours.

Super Citrus (MPI Approved C52)
Pumpable Grit Hand Cleaner

A pumpable solution of our industrial strength grit hand cleaner.

Antiseptic Hand Gel

A waterless antiseptic hand gel designed for environments where hand sanitizing is required.

Industrial & Transport

Grunt (MPI Approved C31)
Industrial Degreaser

A concentrated alkaline (non-caustic) degreaser to tackle the really tough jobs. Remove almost any oil, grease, dirt and grime from non-absorbent surfaces.

Industrial Cleaner

An acidic cleaner/brightener for removing grime, corrosion, oil deposits and cement splash from alloys, stainless steel, copper brass, mag wheels etc.

Parts Wash

For cleaning motors and automotive parts. Removes oil, grease and grime from most surfaces.

Fleet and Car Wash

A fast-break safe liquid detergent for cars and transport vehicles. Ideal for safe removal of oil, grease, dust and road grime. Promotes automotive finish protection and longevity.

Bug Off
Window Wiper Fluids

A concentrated automobile window wiper fluid designed to remove insects, grease, dirty and other contaminants from your windows.

Vinyl Revive P-20
Vinyl Polish

A high quality dry-bright vinyl polish containing long-lasting silicon. Ideal for use on all internal vinyl areas of cars, trucks, boats, caravans, tractor and machinery cabs, etc.

Special Purpose Cleaners

Glass & Mirror Cleaner

Outstanding streak-free cleaner for windows, mirrors, chrome and stainless steel benches, refrigerator doors etc. Can be diluted to suit your particular needs and save you money!

Citrus Magic
Multi-purpose Cleaner-Stain Remover

A natural citrus based blend of cleaning agents for removing a wide range of stains, general cleaning and softening gums and waxes for easy removal.

Furniture Polish

Long lasting, dry-bright furniture reviver. Breaths new life into old furniture and protects new furniture from the ravages of time. Works equally well on solid wood furniture.

Mould Breaker 1200

Commercial grade treatment and protection from mould, moss, algae and lichen. No scrubbing or water blasting. Use on concrete, pavers, fibrolite, timber, tiles, outdoor furniture, roofing, even canvas.

Quik-Kill X30
Mould Killer

Fast-acting mould, moss, algae and fungi remover. Ideal on concrete, pavers, roofs, gutters, fibreglass, outdoor furniture, walls, fences etc. Excellent as a surface preparation for painting.

Fresh Caress
Liquid Air Fresh Spray

Long lasting deodoriser formulated to neutralise unpleasant odours and freshen any room.